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Created on 2009-05-09 01:55:25 (#318656), last updated 2011-04-06 (337 weeks ago)

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Community description:A community for sharing recipes that are inspired by or derived from fandom.
[community profile] and_cupcakes is community for sharing recipes that are inspired by or derived from fandom. This community first began as [ profile] and_cupcakes on IJ and was created by [ profile] mitsuhachi. The concept was so great that it just had to be brought over here, too!

Do you have an idea as to just what Final Fantasy VI's Celes Chere's themed cookies might taste like? Do you know just what might go into Xenogear's Citan's favorite mixed drink? Or did that thrown-together-at-the-last-minute lunch last week remind you of something that Fullmetal Alchemist's Al would've made for his brother when they were living back at home?

Then post it here to share with us all!

It could be a recipe that reminds you of a character (or place) in a series, or it could be a recipe written in said characters voice. All that matters is that it is somehow inspired by or derived from fandom!

Anything goes, though we ask that you do two things for the sake of the community:

1. Keep multiple images, really long recipes, or multiple recipes in a single post below a cut to avoid spamming reading pages.

2. Please use the simple tagging system that was set up in the original community for each post--
* course: [type (eg. 'desserts', 'drinks']
* fandom: [full name of fandom without abbreviations (ie. 'final fantasy xii' instead of 'ff12')]
* character: [full known name of character (ie. amane misa, argilla)]

Thank you, and happy cooking!
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