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Artist Karadin
Media chocolate cake, modeling chocolate, buttercream, icing
Warnings excessive sugary-ness

*note I only make a few cakes a year as a hobby, not a decorator, but somewhat insane.
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Artist Karadin
Medium - cake and chocolate
Crit yes

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Or "interesting ways to hide alcohol in soda". But hey, Tosh isn't really a beer type of gal, and sometimes it's just too early in the day to drink straight from the bottle!

x-posted to IJ's [insanejournal.com profile] and_cupcakes comm.

Wherein you can definitely tell what was rattling around the Hub kitchen cabinets.... )
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I learned this one a long time ago and like it 'cause it's easy to make and easy to swap out ingredients. That comes in handy when you're traveling around a lot..

1-1/2 lbs pork tenderloin
4-6 baby bok choy
4-5 tangerines or clementine oranges
6-10 green onions
small ginger root
oil, sesame works best
soy sauce
spices (I like 5 spice powder, or ginger and salt and lots of pepper)
sweet chili sauce
cornstarch and/or flour

Cooking it.. )
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(Redactor's note: Here's the fic behind the food: Cooking With Zack, part of Jou's Harrow Children universe. More infrastructure rambling after I've gotten out of the way and let Zack do his thing!)

(ETA, 8/1 - finally got the pictures sorted & imbedded!)

The dishes

Chicken tiki tone

Chicken in a tart-spicy-fragrant tamarind and coconut sauce.

Pumpkin tari

Think five-alarm mouth fire, with pumpkin and chickpeas. :3

Spinach tari

Spinach and squeaky-cheese with an optional citrus twist from artichoke and lime.


Crisp vegetable salad marinaded in mild vinegar and spices.


Skillet-bread flavored as you like it.

Lemon rice

Long grain rice cooked with spices and dressed with lemon juice and flavored sizzling oil.

Beware: 6 recipes, lots of chiles, and lots of cooking below! )
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...I feel like I should post cupcakes first, but. well. ^^;

Sigmund and Capell might look alike, but their behavior gives them away -- not only the big things, but the little ones, too. Capell, for example, has no problem cleaning his plate when Rucha makes this one. Sigmund...piles the tomatoes into a neat little stack at the edge of his plate.

Even heroes have weaknesses.

Fayel Cream Chicken )
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Welcome to the DW-side of fandom recipe sharing!

My intention is to take a very hands-off mod approach here since I really just made the community because I loved it so much and missed seeing all of the awesome recipes. Any member can post, anyone can comment, and I only request that two courtesy rules be honored by participants.

1. Cuts are your friend! Please use them when posting something lengthy! If you have ten different cookie recipes on one post, look into using cuts. If you have more than one (or maaaaaybe two) photos of the food, look into using cuts. If your recipe is incredibly long and detailed and verbose, look into using cuts. This way no one has to have a spammed reading page.

2. Tags are your friend! Please use them when posting anything! The original [insanejournal.com profile] and_cupcakes had a great tagging system, and I think it would be just as great to duplicate it here. For every post, please include these three tags:

course: [type] (eg. 'desserts', 'drinks')
fandom: [full name of fandom - NO abbreviations] (ie. 'final fantasy xii' instead of 'ff12')
character: [full known name of character] (ie. 'amane misa', 'argila')

The tagging system can be modified as need be, such as in the case of introducing places, or monsters, or... stuff like that.

Have a question or suggestion? Toss it this way!

(If anyone has suggestions of fandoms to add to the community interests listed, please post them here!)

Haha, woops, I didn't realize that only community admins could add tags. I've got what (probably?) are all the courses up listed for the tags right now and will add series & characters as they come up.
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